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«The Viola da Gamba»

Routledge, 2018
Translated by Paul Ferguson

«Die Viola da Gamba»

Ortus Verlag, 2014

Instruction or a Method for the Viola da Gamba

Anonymous German treatise for the Viola da Gamba, First Edition

«La viola da gamba»

Palermo, L'Epos, 2010

Catalog of solo and chamber music for viola da gamba

LIM, Libreria Musicale Italiana, Antiqua, Lucca, 2001

L'arte di suonare la viola da gamba. Metodo in musica

Viol tutor. Edizioni Carisch, 2010

Georg Muffat, Regulae Concentuum Partiturae

Associazione Clavicembalistica Bolognese editore, Bologna, 1991

Fret calculator

A pratical help for players of all fretted instruments, to obtain pythagorean and meantone temperaments without tuning problems.


Journal Articles and Essays in Conference Proceedings

Domenico Gabrielli, The Complete Works for Violoncello

Critical edition, Hortus Musicus,

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