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Catalog of solo and chamber music for viola da gamba

This catalog lists the solo and chamber works written specifically for the instruments of the viola da gamba family through the entire course of its historic development.

- Solo compositions for viol
- Compositions for one or two viols and thorough bass or a keyboard instrument
- Concerts for viol and orchestra
- Duets for viols
- Chamber music with more instruments where the viol takes a solo role, including pieces for lyra consort, since the lyra viol assumes within these ensembles a clearly defined solo role.

Lost works are included when there is evidence, for example, in advertisements or catalogues of publishers or music suppliers, so that this catalogue can serve as a point of referral for followup research.

Every entry contains the following:
- The original title.
- indications of the place of publication, publishing house and date of printing or, for works in manuscripts, sigla of the library and shelf location.
- Annotations.
- A listing of modern editions with particular attention to critical editions and facsimiles.
- Abbreviated indications on the scoring. This field is intended to be only a practical help for the consultation of the catalogue without replacing all the detailed information and circumstances offered in previous fields.

There follows an index in which the works are listed by instrumentation with reference to the first part by indicating the names of the composers.

250 pages
Italian and english introduction
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LIM Antiqua, Lucca, 2001
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