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Concert programmes

Idées gRotesques

Marin Marais, Bizzarreries and grotesqueries for the viol

Il nome della viola

Viol duets

Tasteggio soave

A dialogue for viol and theorbo


The music most beloved by me and by the audience

In chordis et organo

Sonate da chiesa for viol and organ

Deth and Life

Meditations on notes by Hume, Couperin, Marais

Grand tour

A concert in the form of the globe, not in the form of a suite.

The twilight of viol

Viol and fortepiano for Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia

Scherzi musicali

Musical jokes for viol and harpsichord, by Marais, Schenck and Bach

Fools and follies

(The viol will sing of fools for love, of folly and foolish
and crazy and mad and about all this we shall speak and be glad)

An Italian at Paris

Elena Cecchi Fedi, sopran | Bettina Hoffmann, viol | Giulia Nuti, harpsichord

D’un gout etranger

Does baroque world music exist?

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