Modo Antiquo

Secular Songs & Dances from the Middle Ages

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Carmina Burana | 2 CD
Music for the Crusades | 2 CD
Dances from England, France and Italy | 2 CD

Brilliant Classics, 2006
6-CD Box

Modo Antiquo
Elena Cecchi Fedi, soprano | Santina Tomasello, soprano | Lucia Sciannimanico, mezzo-soprano | Paolo Fanciullacci, tenor, reed-pipe, bagpipes, oliphant | Marco Scavazza, baritone, contre-tenor | Federico Maria Sardelli, flutes, shawm, voice | Ugo Salasso, flutes, bagpipes, shawm, Jew's harp | Mauro Morini, slide trumpet | Piero Callegari, slide trumpet, oliphant | Bettina Hoffmann, fiddle, rebec, trumpet marine | Gian Luca Lastraioli, citole, lute, dulcimer | Daniele Poli, harp, lute, symphonia, dulcimer | Annaberta Conti, portative organ | Anna Clemente, portative organ | Luca Brunelli Felicetti, drums, cymbals, bells, dulcimer | Massimo Risaliti, cymbals, triangle, sleigh-bells

«Brilliant Classics has made availabe this 6 disc set of a wide selection of attractive music in truly spectacular performances by Modo Antiquo under Bettina Hoffmann. It's imaginative, vital, energetic, thoroughly musical and really makes the old pieces come alive.»
Thomas W. Gleim

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